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Margaret Pazant is a business and personal life coach.
She has delivered educational workshops and corporate retreats all over the world. She was a Landmark Forum Leader for Landmark Education for over ten years and a Senior Consultant with Vanto Group for over four years.
Margaret’s programs are custom designed to fit the needs of the
specific organization, group and individuals. Her Laser Coaching
impacts you in such a way that you begin to produce results
almost immediately. This leaves her clients empowered to
produce ongoing results in the areas of life that are important
to them right away.
Margaret Pazant is a master in conflict resolution and team empowerment. Having delivered diversity workshops all over the world that have impacted thousands, she is committed to making a difference in the life of everyone she interacts with and be of service.
She is a certified My Life Compass Coach and an Area Representative as well.
Margaret is currently working on her first book, to be published in the fall.

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Different Thought, Different Outcome

| September 1, 2011 | 0 Comments
Different Thought, Different Outcome

Our thoughts run on automatic pilot. Often our thoughts are followed by actions carried out with no conscious effort on your part. You stand at the sink and turn on the cold water, and then you reach for a glass. You fill the glass, drink the water and quench your thirst. You do all of [...]

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