NOW SPEAK! 5 Tips for Thriving in 2014 – The Year of VOICE

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Olubode Shawn Brown


I am loving the vitality of our BLOOM Community! In it we have found a home — a safe place to be with friends old and new, lovers, and family. I am grateful to each of you for providing a powerful space from which to celebrate to the essence of our humanity.

As 2014 begins to dawn I am writing to you out of great love and a desire for each of you to continue to express your unique power and brilliance.

The year 2013 has been a year of seismic change. We have all felt it in our personal and professional lives.

For the Dagara tribe of West Africa this came as no surprise. In their worldview the years ending in the numbers 3 or 8 are NATURE years. Chaos, radical change and transformations are to be expected.

And 2013 has not disappointed.

The year 2014 is the year of VOICE.  For the Dagara it is a MINERAL year – a year symbolized by stones and bones: the substances which hold the narrative with which to piece ourselves together to fulfill our mission here.

In this year your bones will again begin to speak LOUDLY. It will be time to listen and in turn to speak at the same frequency as their vibration.


This year you will be able to create unimpeded with the sound of your authentic voice. An authentic voice is not only speaking, it also includes silence. An authentic voice comes from bones at rest. Such a voice does not seek to protect itself, seek visibility, companionship or safety. It will save you time and energy to voice clearly what you know to be true for yourself, in service to your community. 

The purpose of all the change we have undergone this year has been to give us an opportunity to acquire this clear and powerful voice. After weathering the changes of 2013 you will need this voice in 2014, for many will be screaming out loud. It will be a year characterized more so than others, by the struggle to be heard and the outsized ways people behave when they feel silenced. This year it will be impossible to shut anyone up. Squelching free speech will be one’s death-knell.

In 2014 we will hear more about straight people not being appreciated for the uniqueness of their voice. White folks will chime in about reverse racism and the Religious majority will be feeling even more silenced.  Everyone will be supersensitive to feeling unheard. So don’t be distracted by the clash of voices on the one hand or malicious silence on the other.

It’s a big year for folks to try to figure a way out of the “mess we are in.”  The truth is we won’t be able to “figure it out.” We never have been able to, but this notion will be placed in high relief this year.  Expect lots of mental activity and analyzing voices.


  1. Cultivate silence for there will be high levels of opinionating. Be still, so that when you speak your voice is unimpeded. Wait for your moment.  I highly recommend deepening your mediation practice and creating more time and space for self-reflection. It is from here that you will begin see clearly your life’s vision, dismantle the power of your shadow, galvanize your gifts and chart a unique course for their delivery.
  2. Free yourself of indebtedness. Forgive everyone now. Forgive yourself. Give up the caricatures of of un-forgiveness that emerge when you feel like you have been put in a hopeless situation, when you feel under-valued, lonely, un-heard and vulnerable. This will free your voice to resonate and be heard. Un-forgiveness blocks your creative power and ties you to an endless cycle of pointing out what’s wrong with others and the world.
  3. Get ready to acquire new information. Cultivate a curious mind. In 2014 there will be lots of new discoveries in science resulting from new research into human beings and nature. You will hear things said in ways that you have not heard before. This is because your bones are awaking up. So you will understand things differently and hear things in multiple layers.
  4. Be emotionally authentic. This year your speaking up or silence will come with a price tag.  Courage requires this.  The sound barrier that your speaking or silence will pierce, is a “crossroads” at which a price has to be paid. There instead of simply expressing emotion, you must now actually feel them, yet not react. You must at this crossroad integrate new thresholds of fear into your make-up. In this way your speaking is not arrogant but delivered with great compassion and power.
  5. Get Physically Fit. When your bones begin to speak, your physical and emotional bodies must be able to carry the vibration. So get stronger, fitter, and more flexible; do what you must — workout, yoga, get massages or bodywork, run, jump!

In 2014 may you find a home on the rock of silence within your being; experience boundless vitality; each day stand in awe at the mystery of our soul; live planted by constant a stream of joy, and SPEAK  with the urgency of the timeless NOW.



Founder, BLOOM

Kingston, Jamaica

December 17, 2013.



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