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As a photographer I know how important it is to set-up my camera to get the picture I want. Life is like a camera. It gives us vivid experiences which reflect the relevance, authenticity and urgency of the questions we ask. When our questions are out of focus life responds accordingly with experiences that are dull and unclear.

Here are five key settings for getting great answers from life about your most personal and urgent challenges:


Life’s only intention is that the essences of love be experienced and revealed through you in new and amazing ways. So ask questions that are a match for this intention. Too often we ask questions life cannot recognize. This happens when we ask how to control the circumstances and people in our lives. Instead ask how to experience the essences of love which in due course it will manifest physically for you. For example, life is not firstly interested in your material enrichment. It is first interested in that your projects become vehicles for you to know freedom, abundance, order, creativity and balance. Money and material blessings will follow.

SO ASK: That FREEDOM, ABUNDANCE, ORDER, CREATIVITY, BALANCE… [the essences of love], be experienced and revealed.


Life responds by corresponding to its own kind. In fact, you are life itself. Life cannot help but respond to one who knows this. Life ONLY knows itself. So as you ask know that the answer is already inside of you. To desire is to remember. So, you are simply asking to initiate the experience of this inner quality that will ultimately find material expression. Remember Jesus’ instructions to his disciples “Ask believing (knowing) that you have already received.”  When you ask not knowing that the answer is IN you will look for it in places where it is NOT and mis-identify the source of your real power.

SO ASK: That MY FREEDOM, ABUNDANCE, ORDER, CREATIVITY, BALANCE… [the essences of love], be experienced and revealed…

3. ASK “HOW”

If you already know the answer what is the point of asking? Only ask a question when you genuinely have no idea how. When you ask sincerely “how…” you create inside you a powerful vacuum in which the answer can be first felt and begin to take on form. Often the answer will come in matching pieces, like a puzzle ideas will being to come one after the other, so you have to be listening closely for them. The space of this vacuum is magnetic and it will draw circumstances and people to you.  So after you ask watch for the signs, look for what begins to move toward you, notice what or whom is leaving. Notice too as another sublime vacuum opens within you. See what fills it. Create another. Stay empty.

SO ASK: HOW can MY FREEDOM, ABUNDANCE, ORDER, CREATIVITY, BALANCE… [the essence of love] be experienced and revealed?


Life is interested in spaces of dynamic change.  Life responds to your questions by creating you as the answer to the questions you ask of it. The essence of life is change itself. So be prepared to change as more of the answer is revealed and experienced. Get ready to act and speak in new ways.

SO ASK:  Given that I am ready to CHANGE, HOW can MY FREEDOM, ABUNDANCE, ORDER, PEACE, BALANCE… [the essences of love] be experienced and revealed?


The best questions are not hypothetical, they are asked with immediate urgency. The answer must be needed NOW for a present urgent circumstance.  Life does not care if you deserve it, have done good deeds, how far down the line you are or late to the party you think you are. What gets life’s attention is the URGENCY OF NOW. Too often we ask questions designed to protect us from anticipated fears and circumstances. LIFE is not interested in your comfort zone. It is here that you become bored, restless, needy and build damns against pain and loss that will keep you blocked, procrastinating and suffering. So find the leading edge of things, where there is discomfort and unfamiliarity NOW. Find the issue that needs an experience and revelation of love NOW, not tomorrow.

SO ASK:  Given that I am ready to CHANGE, how can MY FREEDOM, ABUNDANCE, ORDER, CREATIVITY, BALANCE… [the essences of love], be experienced and revealed [in my relationship with X or with regard to this situation] NOW?

So these are the settings for focusing your LIFE question.

  1. BE RELEVANT. Ask questions that are a match for life’s intention
  2. LOCATE THE ANSWER. Know the answer in you.
  3. ASK HOW. Ask when you do not know.
  5. BE URGENT: Ask not for tomorrow, but for NOW.

Finally, asking a life question is not just a linguistic formula. Your question must be lived and embodied as a state of being. Can you imagine living each moment as a powerful question? If you can shape your life as this question in time you will experience and realize the question and its answer, is you.


Olubode Shawn Brown

New York City



Olubode Shawn Brown is the facilitator of the Essential Journey – a guided program of self discovery for human beings working on urgent life projects. For more information about Olubode & The Essential Journey visit www.theessentialjourney.com


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