Welcome to the Dance of 2013!

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According to the Dagara of West Africa 2013 is a “Nature” year. They ascribe each year the quality of an element – fire, water, earth, nature or mineral. This year, 2013 is seen as a year characterized by the qualities of nature – wild, forever changing, magical, playful and unpredictable. 

As such it is a year in which everything becomes real. Relationships that are trophies more than real intimacies will show their superficiality. Masks and temporalities will fall away to reveal what is to be treasured.

This year as you watch your body age, you will know it’s time to come out as your true self. Each relationship and activity must be unwaveringly grounded in your Spiritual identity.

Even hurts will not occur as such. Forgiveness will be easy. Grudges will be seen for what they are – the relics of outworn identities.

It’s is a year of radical change and subterfuge. Pretense will be high – nothing will be as it seems. Those who can be fooled will be, and there will be nothing that you can do to stop it. You will have to hide in your secret place, for confronting evil will have no reward in it.

It will be a sad-happy time – a mourning morning for the dead and new arrivals, a macabre yet joyous festival for Truth.

Through it all, don’t be moved there is nothing you can do, except dance.

This is the play of nature!

It is my wish for you this year, that the vast boundless ocean of Love within your being, expresses in new and alarming ways; that the untamed freedom of which your life is a reflection, become the harmonies of a new world song; that the magical wisdom of your inner fire, illuminates the world for all to see.

Welcome to the Dance of 2013.
Olubode Shawn Brown

Founder of The BLOOM Party


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