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By Olubode Shawn Brown

The beginning of a new year is a wonderful opportunity to re-focus your desires. Within your desire is the seed-magnet that pulls its highest expression towards you. If you can live consistently in the presence of your authentic desires you will manifest them spontaneously.

The following is a process for setting life-goals for 2013 in a powerful and balanced way. The process is meant to get you consciously in touch with your authentic desires. It presents the 5 life areas in which we all have activities (projects or practices), and asks you to identify the outcome that would be the best expression of your desire in each area.

This process can be used at anytime to take a fresh look at your life. Everyday is an opportunity for a new beginning.

Before you begin…

  • 1. Center yourself by taking a series of deep breaths. Remember to maintain a conscious connection to your breath throughout this process. If at any time the connection is lost, stop and take a minute to restore it.
  • 2. Get clear that these resolutions are the highest expressions of what you already are. Notice when you are setting goals to become something in the eyes of someone else, or goals which you think will make your more valued or loved. These goals are not expressions of authentic desire.
  • 3. Make your goals specific. If it is a new practice, say how regularly you will do it; if it is a project say by when you will accomplish it and what specifically it will look like when completed.
  • 4. Go for the highest or biggest expression of your desire in the area that you can imagine while keeping it measurable and specific but without creating stress or anxiety. Your goal may excite you, but if it creates stress in your body in anyway, delete it, breathe and start again.
  • 5. Note the life area(s) where you have the least goals, and bring them into balance with the other areas, by reflecting more closely on the area, and identifying ideas for action that you have had, but have been neglecting.

Here we go….

Get a pen and a few sheets of blank paper or create a new entry in your journal and explore each life area in the order listed below.

LIFE AREA 1 – WELL BEING: What would be the highest expression of your WELL BEING in 2013? Identify activities that express your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Here also identify activities that keep your mind sharp and restore the health of broken relationships. These are activities which empower your unique voice, allowing it to be heard clearly in the world.

LIFE AREA 2 – FUN & ADVENTURE: What would be highest expressions of FUN & LEISURE in 2013? Identify activities that will express your playfulness. The intention is to do them for no other reason that than they make you feel alive in the moment. These are actives or practices that enlarge you – take you out of your comfort zone. They include fun things that you will do by yourself or with others; they could be a nature based activity that gets you in touch with the growing things. These activities  are rituals for personal change and transformation.

LIFE AREA 3 – JOB/BUSINESS/ SCHOOL: What would be the highest expressions of your JOB/ BUSINESS / SCHOOLING in 2013? Identify goals that best express your gifts through a business, job or a course of study. These include goals around starting a new business or venture, new marketing, finances, team-building, manufacturing & product delivery. Through these actives you are seen in the world as who you really are.

LIFE AREA 4 – FAMILY: What would be the highest expression of your FAMILY life in 2013? Identify specific goals and practices that honor and expresses your connection with an immediate group of loved ones. Include activities around creating a home, parenting, elders & relatives, coupling… These activities are rituals that honor the continuity of life.

LIFE AREA 5 – COMMUNITY: What activity would best honor your expression of COMMUNITY in 2013? Identify goals and practices that involve you in giving to a community in which you are a member. The activity should engage you in genuine giving with no thought of a benefit to you. These are activities that ground you and strength your sense of safety and place in the world.


Writing down your goals is one step along the road to unfolding your desires. For more helpful steps and processes visit me at


Olubode Shawn Brown is the facilitator of The Essential Journey – A Five-step Journey to Un-leash Your Life’s Most Powerful Gifts.



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