Three Ideas to End the World

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by Olubode Shawn Brown ~ Facilitator of The Essential Journey

Whether the date is December 12, or 21, 2012 is not important; the world as we have known it is at an end. You don’t have to believe the Hopi or Mayan calendars, or trust the visions of Native American seers to come to this conclusion. Something radical has shifted in the world at the close of 2012.

In America the Republican Party now struggles to understand how they became so gravely out of touch with this change. Globally, the religious mainstream that has long held sway over the majority positions on gay rights and women’s rights is now painting itself as the oppressed minority on these issues.  Virally, digital technology which some saw as taking us into and new era of individuality has in fact spawned greater global community and connectivity than ever before.

These are all externalized manifestation of a deeper change and evolution in our shared human psyche.  What has changed about us? For this answer I took a look into myself and observed three ideas that have changed me personally.

The lost of identity

One recent change in perspective that has rocked my world, is the idea that “my body is in me” as much as, “I am in my body”

This idea has found fertile soil in me; my body is here to serve me for the journey, to give me a unique experiential portal from which to view creation and participate in evolution. It has freed me up to embrace all that I am: gay, Black, Jamaican, male, with a family history of heart disease, diabetes and dementia. What had seemed like the hard wires of my identity now seem to be hues and tones – a palate for a unique self-expression.

This shift is out-pictured in my observation that we have become less apt to identify ourelves as any particular one thing or look to a prevailing rubric to which to tie our identity. We now are seeking new vocabulary with which to describe ourselves. We now see that the embrace of one of our identities does not negate the others; that we have the freedom to surf through our “identities” with ease.

The Ascendance of Desire

The next idea to shift me radically is the embrace of desire.

I am love with my desires and the act of desiring.  I am beginning to remember my childhood and the pain of my desires, the virgin-like purity with which I longed to love and be loved.  I am returning to that state, and allowing myself to feel desire without apology.  There is power in desiring.  There is no hierarchy of desires; they all have the same root in the human quest to re-member our wholeness in this life. The energy of desire is what restores and powers our evolution.

Everywhere it seems the streams of desire — for cultural, racial, economic, erotic and geographic parity have pooled into a mighty force of change that has transformed the world, as we know it.

The Prevalence Peace

The final idea world ending idea is “the ascendance of peace”.

According to Steven Pinker, prominent Harvard psychologist, “The decline of violence is the most significant and least appreciated development in the history of our species.” What happens in Palestine and the West Bank can no longer be a barometer for world peace. The fact is that that there has been less violence in the world than every before – there are more people of peace than there are those who would seek to make war.

Personally, I have become aware that I am big enough to hold difference; that my point of view does not have to exist in opposition to someone else’s.  Each of our conclusions about life is a complex of our unique journeys in time and space.

These are the ideas that have ended my known world.  They are harbingers of peace, freedom and real community for me.  What ideas have ended your world?



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