Making Space

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Whether on the job or in a relationship, the silenced, those who are not heard, are being disconnected from space. Space is a metaphor used here to refer to interior and exterior places – the spaciousness of the galaxy and invisible space in stones and bones. Both hold our individual and collective history and destiny. Today, scientists are looking at the formation of stones and the DNA of old bones to re-create the evolution of our species. Similarly, they look at distant nebulae to tell us the genesis and promise of our universe. In these places our stories, dwell. Space helps us remember.


Take the space you need to put your voice back together again.

When we are not heard we forget who we are, and as a result it becomes difficult for us to hear and understand others.  And the pain of this is very real. Whether out of fear, anger or sadness; we say things like…


  • That’s is not what I meant.
  • What’s being said here?
  • I am confused…I don’t get it,
  • How am I going to say this?
  • Whatever I say now doesn’t matter

To put your voice back together again make some “space” for yourself. This may mean pulling yourself away from others…listening to your own music. It may mean developing a practice of sitting in silence. For others it may mean getting your favorite stone, and keeping it close…taking it to bed with you as reminder that there is something in you that speaks clearly.

Also try this affirmation:

I hear all, yet I am partial to none

I am the connector all voices.

Everything speaks to and through me.

All voices arise, collide and subside in my vastness.

I am the voice of joyous waters

And my word is being heard and accomplished now.


How do you re-member yourself?



April 7th, 2012




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