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My name is Don L Castor.  I am a singer/songwriter, based out of Los Angeles. I am currently on a quest in Europe.

The biggest lesson I feel life has been teaching me lately is to be true to myself no matter what. That sounds so simple and even easy for most, but that has been a huge challenge for me. I’ve recognized that as time moves forward it has become more of a challenge.  I know I had to make some changes and do better.

To give you just a bit of background, I grew up in a family where everyone was vocal. My brothers and sister, along with my parents are all very outspoken.  I believe I got lost in that and became the one that just “goes with the flow”.  Some may describe that as easy-going and in most cases it is good to have someone like that around.  But it becomes dangerous when that person no longer expresses their opinion and speaks their truth simply because they want everyone else to be happy or pleased with them.

Over the years I have become that person.  When I’m uncomfortable with a situation, many times I don’t speak up.  When someone has hurt me, I don’t speak up.  I would rather deny what I want to do, just so everyone can be pleased.  The bottom line is—–this behavior is NOT healthy.

This past year I’ve been confronted with situations where I have not been honest about my feelings, just because I didn’t want to hurt the feelings of others or I just wanted to make sure everyone else was happy—–even if it meant sacrificing my own happiness.  I realized that at the root I was subconsciously saying to myself that my happiness is not important at all.  Additionally in each situation not only was I extremely unhappy and uncomfortable, but also the other parties involved always ended being unhappy, resentful and labeling me as the  bad guy.

So my lesson is—-it is better to honest about who you are and how you feel.  If you’ve centered your life around pleasing others, this will be difficult, but it is a necessary step for true growth and to get closer to the core of who you really are.

Now my daily challenge is to be more upfront about my feelings especially when it is difficult.

Don L Castor [dlc]
Singer/Songwriter, Los Angles
Laugh The Tears Away by donlcastor

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