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Dear One,
You can be such a bad magician, throwing lightening bolts at you own feet and then jumping in surprise. Today know that you don’t have to fear your own creation. Despite appearances to the contrary you can be grateful for it ALL, the “good” and the “bad”. And you don’t need to know the “lesson in it” or the “reason for it“.  All there is to know now is: you created it, and it will evolve you. In time the insights will come. For the most deeply learn’t truth slips past the intellect, stills your emotions, heals your body and evolves your LIFE.

To be grateful is not just to say “thank you”.  It is to stand as creator of your world, gazing fully at it and saying: “I created this and it evolves me”. Thus, gratefulness becomes GREATFULLNESS. It is the ultimate attitude. It is what LOVE uses to grow things.

Today, all your creation grows with your gaze of LOVE. Today, identify the difficult situation in your life for which you say you are not responsible for having created. Be GREATFULL for it without a reason. Today, know that the first and most powerful affirmation ever is yours by birthright: “I created this and it is GOOD!”  Today, breathe deeply, then speak it gently to all your creations and feel yourself grow in LOVE.


January 11, 2012




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