This Year Get Your Directions Right!

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Dear One,

Getting your directions right is important. It can be so confusing taking a turn and suddenly not knowing where you are. As we journey and face life’s challenges we might be encouraged to rise up, lift up our spirits or ascend to higher heights but sometimes we need to down and dirty. LIFE is as much about coming down as it is about going up. Coming down to face the facts, and dealing with the things you avoid. Like, how much money do you really have in the bank? Or, just exactly what is going on with your body? Or, why do you keep doing the same thing that causes you pain over and over? Getting down may mean asking your SELF a difficult question or two.

To get down you don’t have to be “beaten down”. When you come down willingly you embrace your humanity and find there a compassion and strength of SPIRT that brings fresh new growth again. You see UP and DOWN are laws of LIFE.  The higher up you fly the lower you must descend. Eventually, you learn that to come down is to go up, then all life becomes a joy!

Today, ask yourself; “Where in my life am I not willing to get down and dirty?” Specifically, what actions have you been avoiding taking, actions that you see can take you forward but which you also see give rise to unpleasant emotions for you? Today go there consciously … willingly. And in going there know without a doubt that you MUST in time, rise again!




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