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Dear One:

You are the best. There is nothing wrong about being the best. You have always known this, felt it but may have been afraid to say it. Without diminishing anyone else, lets be clear: there is no one, or thing in all worlds more special than you. Nothing better. Nothing finer.

When you can say, “I am the best!” all of nature hears you and knows you as its child. Your ancestors know this and have sought to remind you; that you now stand at the front of the line, that only the best of nature has survived here, and you are here.

When you know you are the best, you will have the best of everything. To want to have the the “best things” without knowing your true nature is shallow materialism. When you truly know yourself you can only desire the best of what life offers; the best of joy — known as bliss, the highest of peace, the most stable balance, the greatest focus, the deepest wisdom, the most playful freedom, strength that is invincible and compassion that dissolves all.

Today say it, until you can stand hearing it. “I am the best!” It is a mantra that can set your free!

Olubode Shawn Brown

November 19 2011


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