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Dear One:
You have not been left here alone. You are the dream of our ancestors fulfilled. It is through you that they now continue the work of evolving life. You are here to take care of unfinished business. So they are deeply invested in your becoming. They are constantly speaking, showing you how to evolve the consciousness they have bequeathed, lest the ignorant sins of mothers and fathers are visited upon children. They seek to gift you a conscious life, so that ancestral pain can be released and fuel is provided for the next generation.They speak as the wind and the stillness from which it comes, to remind you that you are that which changes yet changes not. They are here as the stones of the earth and the mountains to show you how to be still and silently vibrate truth at its highest frequency. They are in the fire, teaching you how to fearlessly illuminate all that is dark and cold. They are here as the rivers, showing you how to negotiate conflict and make peace. And they are here as the earth to show you how to nurture and provide a home.
Again today, start to listen.To make peace with the elements is to embrace the voices your ancestors, your own true nature and becoming. It’s your time to BLOOM!
Harlem, New York


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