Piercing the Veil of Sound

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Dear One:

The physical universe is such a noisy place. Each sound, at every frequency can be said to be a thought of our one mind — remembering itself, responding and calling to every part of itself. Everything is waking up, and jabbering away about it.

In this noisy world we so want to be silent. Not just hear the quietness experienced through our ears, but experience the silence that arises from within.

This silence arises by truly listening to the sounds all around and within you: listening not opining or judging.

This silence is the precursor to all you want to experience – joy, harmony, creativity, balance, power.
 All can be found beyond the veil of noise. Only though intentional, laser-like listening can authentic experiences arise.

So today, amid the din of creation I invite you to experience yourself as the silent one.


Olubode Shawn Brown, Sunday, September 18, 2011


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