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“Everything begins with you.  No matter who you are and what you do; it’s true. To make all your dreams come true, remember everything begins with you.” — Maxayn and Andre Lewis

Greetings to you!

It is such an exciting opportunity to have a voice in Bloom Magazine. Mature & Blooming will feature snapshots and stories about Mature folks Blooming throughout the world.  The magnificence of their lives and the work they are doing will inspire those of you who have not bought into the notion that if you are 40 plus you are over the hill, and on the decline.  No, no, no, no, NO!

This Sunday, August 21, is my 52nd birthday and I am in the midst of a serious renaissance.  Yes!  I am Blooming, like a flower opening to bathe in the radiance of the sun, like a tropical breeze. It feels so good, so smooth and divine:  ripeness, maturity, purity, mastery, peace of mind actualized.  What is unfolding is the best time of all – NOW!  It is our time.  And we dare you to Bloom with us.

Here you will find the events and activities hosted and produced by Mature people living inside their dreams.  They are stars in the world that may not be on TV, in the movies, in the newspaper or in magazines, but they are in communities, working with people making a difference every single day, in so many ways.

It is my intention to bring to you the wealth amongst us, to make visible the invisible, the mature folks who are Blooming! Stay tuned.


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Byron Johns is an entrepreneur who has lived and worked in many cities in the US, as well as in Nairobi, Kenya for a year. His wealth is in the people he has been blessed to know, love and be with during the journey through the world. Mr. Johns is currently working on his doctorate in Organizational Leadership and holds a Masters degree in Performing Arts Management, and Bachelors in Rhetoric and Communications. He is also a proud father of a 14 year old son: Jahwala Moses Johns

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