Different Thought, Different Outcome

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Our thoughts run on automatic pilot. Often our thoughts are followed by actions carried out with no conscious effort on your part. You stand at the sink and turn on the cold water, and then you reach for a glass. You fill the glass, drink the water and quench your thirst. You do all of this with little to no effort or thought. We have all done this many times and it has become programmed into our thought patterns. Go to the fridge, take out a bottle of juice and place it on the counter. Walk over to the cabinet, reach for a glass or a cup, pick up the container pour the juice into the glass or cup and drink it. No thought at all, it’s completely automatic from beginning to end.

There are times when we block or stop ourselves from taking action after a thought and don’t even realize we are doing it. This too has become automatic. We’ve all done it thousands of times. Here’s a prime example…

Thought 1: I need to do the laundry.

Thought 2: I hate doing housework.

Thought 3: I don’t feel like washing clothes.

Thought 4: I would like a cup of coffee instead.

I make a cup of coffee and turn on the television and the thought of doing the laundry is gone.

This is a simple example of what blocking a thought looks like. When you repeat these actions over time, it becomes unconscious and not much gets done. We do this often and most of the time we are completely unaware of it. How many times have you said,” We have no control over what we think.”  This is not true; we do have control.  Master the process of managing your thoughts, and you get to say how your intellect and emotions respond.  Master your thinking and you don’t allow your emotions to run rampant and create confusion, problems and chaos.

It is as if our thoughts are akin to the results of an uncontrollable storm at sea, tossing ships about as though they’re made of toothpicks. Our thoughts are pulled under, wiped out by winds and waves that take complete control. This is detrimental or dis empowering thought process, negative self talk and damaging.  And yes, you are talking to yourself, often invalidating or putting yourself down and making yourself wrong. All that has really happened is we began to think about ourselves in a dis empowering manner. Something happened to us in our past and we continue to use that experience as the lens we view the rest of our lives through. We are remembering the meaning we assigned to the event or to ourselves at that time. When we do this, we cease to be in the present moment, we are in the past, re-living it.  Until we realize this is what is happening, we continue operating out of the past, believing the dis empowered thought to be real.

What we think or feel affects our mental state by releasing chemicals called Neuro-Peptides in the brain. These Neuro-Peptides literally change our brain’s chemistry. We have the ability to alter our thinking, and step into a state of power. We can begin to think in an empowering manner; a way that can make a profound difference in our lives.  We can manage our thoughts.

You choose the direction of your thought

Controlling your thoughts is a form of mental housekeeping and cleaning up. Let go and surrender all your trash and past baggage, you have the ability to alter, transform and change your experience of life.  What you think can make you feel despondent and low, you can create thoughts that make you feel uplifted and vibrant. Having empowered or healthy thoughts puts a grip on negativity and creates inner calm in our mind, body and spirit.

Begin the process of controlling your thoughts by saying to yourself quietly or out loud, “Today I take charge of my thinking.” It may sound rather simplistic and a bit too easy, but it really is just that simple. You have been conditioned to think that it has to involve some deep level thought process and that it  has to be complicated. Where and when was it ever written that managing your thoughts had to be complicated?  The moment you say out loud or to yourself, “Today I take charge of my thinking.” You actually begin to take charge of your thoughts.  Practice managing your thinking, essentially you begin running your thoughts.

As you begin to direct your thoughts a shift occurs, you see, sense and feel other options and can now make the kinds of choices that alter your results. Your thought patterns transform you change along with them naturally, we call this a breakthrough or a transformation.

Realize that managing your thought is not at all difficult, in fact, it’s rather easy. It is as simple as receiving a present, there’s nothing you need to do other than except it.  It is a gift that was given to you at birth.  The truth be told it is a part of your birthright.  As a newborn you were able to get fed, changed and be comforted when you needed.  No one taught you how to do this; you were born with this innate ability. You were born a spiritual being with, what some might call, “Magical powers.” You were accepting of your birthright powers and used them to survive when you could not do it alone.  As time went by you watched other people and chose to become like them; as an individual being you forgot your true birthright and power. You got caught up in the world and in worldly matters. How do you get your power back and become who you truly desire to be?

Think differently

Say, you want things to be different. Begin to think about those things differently.  It is so important to understand that our actions are determined by the way we think. Think about things in a way you have never thought about them before then take an action on them that you have never taken before and something happens that has never happened before. If you think about a thing and it sounds good to you, take an action on it. Your action will produce a result. The key here is to begin to think differently.  Begin to think in ways you have never thought before you will be setting up conditions to produce new and different outcomes.

This is the type of Coaching I offer for one on one clients as well as specifically designed coaching programs for groups. It is insightful, informative and transformational.  Leaving you present, powerful and in action as you honor your Spirit.


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