The Privilege of Pressure

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Pressure is a privilege. Seek it out. Light is distinguished only by great darkness. Thus in the midst of difficult challenges you will discover the essential you. Pressure – the narrow straight constructed by inner drives and your outward gallery of critics, is a great gift. Do not blink from it; walk steadily into it.

In this straight you will resolve yourself. There you learn that you cannot manipulate the universe, that skill alone is not enough, that Life responds to consciousness, not persons. There you will call upon that which is truly dear and know its grace.  It is where that which is real and lasting in you begins to make itself known, and you learn to appreciate it. And what you appreciate, appreciates. 

Today, as you go through the pressures of life, honor and nurture the new you that is making itself known: Your new calm, purity, focus. Soon the texture of your life will change in seemingly miraculous ways. Prepare to be a WINNER –  one not defined by losses or gains but by belief in and an appreciation of your SELF. 

This is the PRIZE.
Olubode Shawn Brown


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