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  1. Meditate – Start with 5 mins before & after bed – its been proven to help support mental health
  2. Inform – Learn something new or get some more formal education
  3. Reveal / Conceal – Be more prudent with what you choose to reveal or conceal from others
  4. News - Get a sense of what’s happening in the world globally, stay current
  5. Exercise Regular stretching is a simple and healthy way to begin
  6. Alone time - Spend some time by yourself doing something you enjoy.
  7. Pleasure- Feast your senses – visit a museum, listen to music, get laid…
  8. Risk – Follow an instinct you have ignored with no attachment to the result
  9. Outdoor –Spend time in nature with others
  10.  Plan Make a business or work plan
  11.  Availability  Better decide which calls and emails to ignore from the people who seek you out.
  12.  Finances Create a financial plan for you and your family’s future
  13. Help - Hire more staff, get an intern or assistant or ask for help
  14.  Organize - De-clutter your workspace
  15.  Family – Set aside time to work on your relationship with your partner or get together with a long neglected relative
  16.  Space - Spend some time improving your living space or create your own
  17.  Forgive – Let go of a grudge or your desire to change the past
  18.  Act - Join a community organization, take political action
  19.  Support - Support someone or something with a financial gift
  20.  Plant Grow something in the earth


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