How To Make Your Life Bloom

| July 25, 2011 | 0 Comments

Our lives are seen and experienced through the quality of the energy field that we allow to radiate from us. Some call this field Love. Love changes the world, by allowing us to see it rightly. We respond appropriately. And so the world changes.

Stress warps this field of energy that wants to radiate from us without interruption. When the field is distorted by worry we see life upside down – everything not only looks wrong, it is wrong. We respond appropriately. And so the world changes.

Life is a co-creation with Love. In truth, what defiles man, is not what goes into him, it is what comes out.

Consider that our experience of life correlates with our ability to allow the naturally flowing energy of Love to be the source and experience of our lives.

This is your time to BLOOM!


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