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I remember as  young man at times going to bed so happy that I was not quite sure I should let anyone know. By then I had begun to learn that JOY was something to be hidden. I was on my way to forgetting JOY as my real nature, and was yet to re-discover that expressing and creating JOY is the source of creativity and abundance.

As children we know this.

But many of us have been offended and debased by a culture that tells us you have to look like that or do this to be happy. Reclaim your JOY. Stop listening to anyone who tells you that you need something or someone to make you JOYful; that more joy comes in a bottle, through a herb, with more money or more sex. Let your work and play be a compliment to your JOY, and your relationships, its expression.

JOY is not lazy. It is a dynamic force that deepens when it sees its own reflection and manifests as abundance, strength, wisdom, power and creativity. JOY sees its SELF through my eyes when I take the time to see the beauty and goodness in nature, in myself and in others. This is how Creation re-creates itself, this is how life BLOOMS.

I am made of JOY, in JOY, for JOY.

Olubode Shawn Brown is the Creator of the BLOOM PARTY & BLOOM JAMAICA You can contact him at


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